About Us

Trickshacks.com is not only a website; it’s a passion. We are often stuck while using technology in our daily lives, and a question rises to our minds “How can we do it?”

I am doing Graduation in Computer Sciences. My aim for this website is to answer the IT (Information Technology) related questions.

About UsInterior Designer

BA (Hons)

Visual College of Art & Design

My sister is a home designer. She has done her Graduation in Interior Designing from VCAD. You can see her effort on this website in the Home Design section.

About Us


Specialist Hair and Media Make-Up

BA (Hons) / FdA

Accredited by University College Birmingham

My wife Emily is a Beautician. She did BA (Hons) from UCB (University College Bermingham, United Kingdom) in 2018.

Moreover, Our family doctor Richell help us with the fitness topic.

Trickshacks is our ambition.

Suppose you have any questions in mind about beauty, Fitness, Home design, IT solutions, or Technology. So, click on this link.

We will respond to you in 48 to 72 hours.

We have placed some free tools on this website for your ease. Like Png to Jpg, Jpg to Png, Webp to Png, and Image Resizer.


MBS is a passionate SEO-friendly content writer. He writes easy-to-understand articles with a casual style.

A writer by day and a reader by night. He works with different brands to create “killing” content for their blogs.