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Change your Gmail Password

How to Change your Gmail Password?

A complete guide

Please follow all steps to change your Gmail Password.

  • Find the Google Chrome icon. And double click on it to change your Gmail password.

Change your Gmail Password

  • After this, click on the “Add” button.


A complete guide

  • Sign in to your Gmail account. By clicking on the “Sign in” button.

A complete guide

  • Enter your Gmail. And click on the Next button.

A complete guide

  • Enter your Gmail password. And click on the Next button.

Change your Gmail Password

  • Click on these dots.

A complete guide

  • Go to the Google account settings.

Change your Gmail Password

  • So, Find security and password. And click on the password button.

Change your Gmail Password

  • Enter a new password. And enter the again password to confirm.

A complete guide

  • After that, click on the “Change password” button.

How Often should you Change your Passwords?

What is the frequency with which you should change your passwords? We’re all aware that we should change our passwords on a regular basis, but how frequently is “often” enough?

Some people never change their passwords and, worse, reuse the same (or similar) passwords. For nearly all of their online accounts.

This is a risky practice securing passwords is the first step in protecting your credentials and personal information. So, Your passwords are your first line of security against hackers, and there are some best password practices to follow.

Let’s take a deeper look at some key password recommendations. And how our Password Manager can help you regain control of your online credentials. That can result in security breaches, identity theft, and other problems.

So, Passwords are, unfortunately, frequently overlooked by the general public. We already have enough to worry about on a daily basis, so why add password security?

The issue is that security breaches and cybercrime are becoming more common. Moreover, If you think it can’t happen to you, think again! Every year, thousands of Americans are victims of cybercrime, identity theft, and fraud, resulting in billions of dollars in losses.



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