Kitchen Cabinet Layouts

Kitchen Cabinet Layouts

Kitchen Cabinet Layouts to Embellish Your Kitchen’s Look

Kitchen cabinet layouts are one of the most crucial factors in your kitchen’s overall look when it comes to interior designing.

They are thought of as unimportant places as they are out of your guests’ sights. Moreover, they are considered as uncomfortable places due to their sweltering heat.

However, this perspective is shortsighted. A kitchen is an integral part of your home. Its importance lies in its high usage.

Therefore, care must be taken to ensure comfort for the cook who has so spent hours in the kitchen. It is also one of the places which can truly gauge one’s wealth.

This is because many people want to appear rich and highly adorn the most conspicuous places, but they run out of money when it comes to the smaller places like kitchens.

Good layouts are not only aesthetically pleasing, but also very convenient to use. Here is a list of kitchen cabinet layouts to help embellish your kitchen’s look.

L-Shaped Kitchen Cabinet Layouts

L-Shaped Kitchen Cabinet Layouts

L-shaped kitchen cabinet layouts are commonly used in kitchens. They are very trendy. They give a sense of regularity to the cabinets.

Moreover, they help conserve space. They can also blend well with the cooking range at the end of the cabinets.

Corner cabinets are a smart choice because the help to save a lot of space that would have been wasted otherwise. Therefore, this layout is apt for small kitchens in particular

Well-furnished wooden cabinets are an excellent choice for this layout. Kitchen cabinets with a similar layout over the shelves will add a whole new meaning to ‘symmetry’.

A unique wallpaper will give this common type of kitchen an air of innovation. Integrating steel appliances complementing the colour of such a wallpaper will be a match made in heaven.

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Fancy Island Cabinets

Fancy Island Cabinets

Kitchen islands are in vogue nowadays. They are quite fashionable. These fancy island cabinets are lovely for your sumptuous island.

They help to enhance the exquisiteness of your island. Moreover, they help set aside much space for your kitchen utensils. Therefore, they go hand-in-hand with expensive restaurant kitchens.

Care should be taken not to splurge too much on these island kitchen cabinet layouts. Silver, brown and grey sheets present a gorgeous picture.

Drawers on each side complement this layout perfectly. Therefore, island cabinets are the way to go if you want to look classy and can afford a kitchen island.

V-Shaped Kitchen Cabinet Layouts

V-Shaped Kitchen Cabinet Layouts

If you are someone who finds beauty in a little irregularity and asymmetry, this layout will be right up your alley.

The cabinets over the shelves are arranged in such a way that an obtuse angle forms at the turning point. This gives a very chic look to your kitchen.

Additionally, using these cabinets is quite convenient. V-shaped kitchen cabinet layouts look terrific when the cabinets have a lot of variety.

Some cabinets open upwards while some open sideways. Additionally, grated cabinets give an opportunity to peek at the inside of the cabinets without having to open them.

Similarly, drawers can give a greater sense of diversity to this.

Double-duty Cabinets Continuous with Cupboards

Double-duty Cabinets Continuous with Cupboards

This kitchen cabinet layout gives a minimalistic vibe. It also looks quite ergonomic. Double-duty cabinets, as their name suggests, are multifunctional.

Firstly, they serve to store materials just like an ordinary cabinet does. Secondly, they can help to hide your tap and sink from one side.

This is beneficial as your sink certainly isn’t the most attractive feature of your kitchen. A combination and dark and neutral colours will be apt for such a kitchen.

Installing windows would be a good idea since natural light embellishes the grace of this kitchen. Freestanding furniture will also go hand-in-hand with these wonderful kitchen cabinet layouts.

An arched ceiling with similar tones as the cupboards will present a picture of exquisiteness.

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U-shaped Kitchen Cabinet Layouts

U-shaped Kitchen Cabinet Layouts

These kitchen cabinet layouts are the talk of nowadays in luxurious homes.

If you get a lot of guests and you have to use your kitchen extensively, this kitchen will suit your needs the best.

It has a lot of cabinets and drawers and therefore, has a high storage capacity. An island or peninsula would be a good choice if you are willing to splurge.

U-shaped kitchen cabinet layouts look exquisite with well-furnished wood. This gives it quite an extravagant appearance.

Glass cabinets will also look graceful. They also give you a glimpse of what lies inside the cabinet without having to open it.

Double-duty cabinets will also give a more fashionable look to this kitchen.

Cabinets Arranged Around an Oven or Fridge

Cabinets Arranged Around an Oven or Fridge

This unique layout is a must if you are looking to conserve space in your kitchen. It is also quite trendy and glamorous. It goes with built-in ovens.

These ovens are costly so needless to say, this layout is for those who are very well-off. This arrangement of cabinets also includes some sky-high cabinets which require a stool.

Dark colours look splendid with such kitchen cabinet layouts. There is a variety of cabinets that gives an overall diverse look. Furthermore, parquet flooring will look exquisite in such a kitchen.

An island or peninsula can make working in such a kitchen more convenient. In addition to this, flashy kitchen accessories and equipment can make your kitchen look opulent.

Interrupted Kitchen Cabinet Layouts

Interrupted Kitchen Cabinet Layouts

Shelves and cabinets are present in all kitchen designs. However, some kitchen cabinet layouts incorporate shelves in a unique way.

There are shelves of various shapes. These give the shape of rectangles and squares arranged in a labyrinthine manner. This certainly gives an innovative look to your kitchen.

This layout has several advantages. Firstly, it is quite ergonomic. This means working in your kitchen will become a lot more comfortable.

Secondly, you can place ingredients in accordance with your priority. Thirdly, it looks quite costly without actually being so.

Therefore, if you are a middle-class person who wants to impress his guests, this kitchen layout will be a great choice.

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