Living Room Paint Design

Living Room Paint Design

7 Aesthetic Living Room Paint Design Ideas

Your living room paint design can certainly elevate the whole look of your home. Living Rooms serve as the focal point of one’s house.

Due to their vast area, walls are of great importance in a room. Moreover, an interesting wall is sure to captivate your visitors.

Wall paint ideas come in a variety of forms. You can either go for a plain wall to give a solid look or a patterned wall to make your room interesting.

We have sorted various paint designs and selected the top ones. So scroll through these, you will surely find your match.

Purple Living Room Paint Design Ideas

Purple Living Room Paint Design Ideas

This simple wall design can never go wrong. You should go with this one if you want to play it safe.

It will give your living room a classic appearance. Moreover, your home will seem modern at the same time.

A solid bright wall can establish an overpowering look. You can go for a monotonous look by matching your sofa with the wall. Also match a part of your curtains.

Break this theme with a wooden floor that further adds modernity. Besides this, a plant can also do the trick. A plant will add life to the room.

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This Elegant Design Certainly Hits the Mark

This Elegant Design Certainly Hits the Mark

Do you want your living room to be different and impressive?

If yes, this is the perfect choice for you. This living room paint design will surely be hard to find elsewhere. It adds a trendy look which is perfect for upgrading your home.

This design makes use of 3 tones of colors. Complement a deep shade with a neutral one. A diagonal line separates shaded area from neutral one.

For the third color, stripes are its starting point. Undoubtedly, an enviable and exquisite look is achieved.

Soft Living Room Paint Design Ideas

Soft Living Room Paint Design Ideas

This shade seems to exhibit a rather mild effect instead of a dominating one. Thus, it can add ambience to your home. One will feel comfortable in this setting.

However, it also looks fashionable. So you don’t have to choose between either and can go for both.

Pair the wall paint design with neutral comfy sofas. Further match the sofas with neutral paintings.

This will enhance the appearance of your room. You can successfully make your home look modern and establish a friendly atmosphere.

Extravagant Living Room Paint Design Ideas

Extravagant Living Room Paint Design Ideas

Extravagant living room paint design ideas manage to leave a lasting impression.

The design makes use of deep blue shade. You can enrich the interior of your home with this design. Moreover, the addition of neutral colored blinds can do wonders.

This paint idea relies heavily on decorative pieces. These are mounted on the wall and they manage to add a fancy vibe to your interior.

Furthermore, a well-furnished room will look best with this design. You can also make it look well kept by adding plants and a rug. This diversified design is sure to be a good fit for a lavish home.

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Keep it Fresh With Pastels

Keep it Fresh With Pastels

Pastels are known for adding a calm vibe to your home. Besides this, you can establish a friendly atmosphere in your home.

Since it is a mild tone, it is best paired with neutral colors. Add such paintings as well as furniture. This will further enhance its soft effect.

You can complement this paint idea with a simple wooden floor. For an interesting effect, stack decorative items on shelves.

This will make your home look well kept. Further, this design will make your home relaxing. This is an ideal setup for having neighbor or friends over for tea.

Exquisite Living Room Paint Design Ideas

Exquisite Living Room Paint Design Ideas

If you are a nature lover and prefer to stand out from the crowd, then undoubtedly this design is perfect for you.

This setting can deceive one to feel as if they are in the arms of nature. The use of neutral at places helps to highlight the use of plants.

The wall is partly painted green to aid the plants in establishing dominance.

It is a well known fact that green has a soothing effect. Thus, one can feel at leisure. In a twist, this design employs use of plants on the wall as well.

This will certainly fascinate your guests. Pair this idea with simple furniture so it doesn’t steal the show.

Make use of green in various places. You can stack plants on a wall as well as add green cushions on your sofa.

Keep it Classy With Bright Colors

Keep it Classy With Bright Colors

Living room paint designs like this are a good option when one wants a powerful aura. This idea manages to establish its dominance as soon as one enters the room.

Investing in furniture will go well with this. It make your living room look trendy. The wooden floor is a classic feature of modern designs

You might not want a bright sofa. Go for a neutral one instead, otherwise an overwhelming effect lacking co-ordination will be observed.

However, you can add a slight touch of a deep color in curtains. Enrich your home with this lavish look. You can enhance this by adding placing a fancy side table and a rug.

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