Main Gate Designs For Lovely Home Exteriors

Main Gate Designs

Main Gate Designs For Lovely Home Exteriors

No one can deny the pivotal importance of main gates in the overall look of homes. Modern main gate designs keep changing in accordance with trending ideas. 

Main gates originally served to protect one’s home from troublesome intruders. However, modern gates have a dual purpose.

The first one obviously pertains to the aforementioned point. The second one is to amplify the elegance of your home’s exterior. 

Let us have a look at main gate designs in vogue that can be a perfect fit for your home: 

Folding Main Gate Designs With Lodged Wooden Panels  

Folding Main Gate Designs With Lodged Wooden Panels  

This is one of the contemporary modern gate designs.

Not only is it fashionable in that it involves folding panels, but also in that it is made up of wood.

Folding gates help save a lot of space in your garage in comparison to the bulky ones. 

Moreover, refined wood textures are very pleasing to see and feel. The tiny spaces peeking in between the panels give this gate a very fresh look.

Grey pillars standing on the sides of the gate complements this. If your home is wood-themed, this gate may be what you have always been searching for!

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Lavish, Low Sliding Iron Gate 

These gates make for one of the most intricate main gate designs in this list. Iron is one of the most popular materials used in gate-building.

It gives quite a sturdy look to your main gate. Furthermore, this particular iron gate has a low elevation, making it pretty chic. 

Sliding gates appear very extravagant. On top of that, they also have the advantage of saving up a lot of space.

What sets this particular gate apart from other sliding gates is the detailed work on it. There are two evenly placed designs having a centerpiece each.

Moreover, surrounding this are spokes of swirls running on the margins of the designs. 

Penalized Frosted Swinging Main Gate Designs

Penalized Frosted Swinging Main Gate Designs

Swinging gates have been in use since the advent of time. They are timeless classics.

They won’t weight heavy on your pocket as well. But what makes this gate a part of our list for modern gate designs in its use of frosted glass panels. 

Frosted glass is the talk of nowadays. Its translucent nature will give onlookers a glimpse of your luxurious garage.

Additionally, it will embellish your home’s curb appeal. White pillars will complement this gate well. If you have a white, frosted themed housed, this is the right gate for you! 

Classic Wrought-Iron Gate 

Wrought-Iron Gates are an ode to medieval times. They have fine, extensive motifs that are sure to capture the gaze of many.

This main gate designs look best when there are evenly-spaced pillars in between. Consequently, the maker will have more liberty in experimenting with an array of complementary designs. 

Wrought-iron gates are abundant in parks. However, they are no stranger to main gate designs for homes.

They are usually of the swinging type and have the advantage of being very corrosion-resistant.

Brick-walled houses go well with this gate. White pillars in between will tie your home’s look to perfection.  

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Automatic Sliding Timber Main Gate Designs

Automatic Sliding Timber Main Gate Designs

This is one of the main gate designs that combines multiple contemporary ideas. Therefore, it is an all-in-one package.

Remote controls are responsible for opening and closing automatic gates, so this will give a futuristic vibe to your home. 

Timber is a fine, expensive type of wood. Timber panels of varying shades give a very well-furnished look to this gate.

Moreover, this gate is unique in that it has only one compartment instead of multiple ones.

This gate gives a very exquisite look when combined with wood furnishing. In addition to this, light colours like white complement this gate very well.  

White Picket-Fence Gate 

White Picket-Fence Gate 

White picket-fence gates always bring to mind middle-class, suburban life.

From among all the main gate designs, this gives the most domestic and family-oriented vibe.

This gate is usually of the swinging type to give it a classic feel in preference to modern and stylistic designs. 

White is a colour that is well-known for its implications of peace and tranquility. Therefore, this is a good pick for a quiet, suburban home.

A garden by the entrance would enhance its grace since white-picket fences usually go hand-in-hand with lawns.

Stone pillars will give a more modern touch to this gate. Furthermore, it is recommended that this gate be placed before a short driveway. 

Stylistic Steel Main Gate Designs

Steel is becoming increasing popular as a material for main gates. It has the advantage being a resilient material in addition to being soundproof.

Stylistic steel gates have even spaces in the center that give a chic look. Additionally, steel panels gradually shorten on each side. 

A good idea would be to place this gate before a driveway, since it can compromise on your privacy otherwise.

Cream-yellow pillars can be placed on either side. Moreover, this gate can be used in both modern and suburban neighborhoods.

Not only is it versatile in its setting, but also in the layout of its steel panels. Thus, this gate is appropriate for any time and place. 

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