Stair Railing Ideas

Stair railing ideas

7 Elegant Interior Stair Railing Ideas

Elegant stair railing ideas will help you to design a fabulous home, where every guest will impress from entrance.

Whenever you enter someone’s house, one of the first things you note is the stair railing accompanying the stairs going up from the lobby.

Therefore, interior stair railings are pivotal to good interior designs. Banisters come in a wide array of designs that range from austere to flashy.

Whether you are the owner of a five-star hotel or the head of a middle-class family, you need to pay utmost attention to interior stair railings.

They can impress your visitors and more importantly, ensure safety of those you care about. We have collected an assortment of interior stair railing ideas to help you pick the one that suits your taste and needs the best.

Here are the seven most diverse stair railing ideas we have found for you.

Intricately Designed Stair Railing Ideas

Wrought iron is known for its versatile nature. Due to this, it can be moulded into numerous designs, including the one you desire most.

Furthermore, it is quite durable. An interior stair railing made of wrought iron is aesthetically pleasing. It can easily elevate your status in front of your guests.

Such railings look best with white-coloured stairs. White floor tiles and doors help complete the overall elegant look of your room.

A white sofa enhances this effect as well. Furthermore, moss-green chairs and decorative paintings on the walls present a picture of affluence.

It should be noted that wrought iron is relatively costly, but it is only one of its kind.

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Mirrors have been in use since the advent of the times. Their primary purpose was to allow one to get acquainted with their reflection.

Picket-Style Oak Wood Railings

Picket-Style Oak Wood Railings

Classic wood furnishings are always a treat to see. This oak wood stair railing combines various elements to give a vintage look.

The style is reminiscent of picket fences. The wood gives a naturally pleasing vibe to it as well. A wood-themed room is the perfect fit for this railing.

Wooden tiles and wooden stairs go hand in hand with the stair railing. As a material, wood is quite exquisite. Moreover, is traditional and easily available.

It is easy to maintain and doesn’t get dull easily. Occasional polishing will make it look brand-new. Additionally, wood has an intrinsic comeliness to it.

Metal Mesh-work Stair Railing Ideas

Metal Mesh-work Stair Railing Ideas

This interior stair railing is funky and stylistic. If you are someone who appreciates innovative designs, this is the right pick for you.

The metal mesh-work presents what is called an ‘organized mess’. It gives an overall haphazard look. However, it doesn’t look messy due to a definite, observable pattern.

The interesting thing about this railing is that it uses two different materials.

The wooden handrail is exquisite.In contrast, the metal mesh-work as the railing is a breath of fresh air. It’s an unlikely combination that works wonders. The overall impression is that of sophistication.

Wooden stairs complement this railing very well. Furthermore, the right wallpaper can enhance the overall look of  these stairs.

Linear Cable Railing

Linear Cable Railing

If you are a fashionista who enjoys deviance from the norms, this interior stair railing will be right up your alley.

This is hardly what you can call a banister. However, it fulfils the purpose of one. They provide protection as well due to their firm nature.

They are usually made of metal or some other sturdy material. The conditions for installing this railing are specific. There should be a handrail on the wall.

This helps provide support to the elderly while climbing the stairs. Moreover, managing an appropriate placement for the platform of the first floor is necessary.

This set of conditions makes this stair railing unique. Therefore, it is sure to leave a lasting impression on your guests.

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These basement ideas for small spaces can elevate your home. A basement means having additional space in your home.

Glass Panel Stair Railing Ideas

Glass is among the best materials for stair railing. It has superiority over others in that it doesn’t obstruct one’s vision. It reflects light to give a sumptuous and sparkling appearance.

Furthermore, glass is easy to clean so you don’t have to worry about films of dust. This makes this interior stair railing long-lasting. Therefore, this banister is quite feasible to install.

Chrome-plated stainless steel rods function as points of attachment for the glass panels. The overall look is that of sophistication.

Some flowers beside this railing look graceful. Marble stair steps are the right choice for this type of railing. Marble helps to tie the overall picture of luxuriousness together.

Minimalistic Wooden Handrails

Minimalistic Wooden Handrails

This is one of the contemporary designs for stair railings in homes. It is quite trendy. This can be attributed to its simple and minimalistic design.

Therefore, this interior stair railing is inexpensive to install. It also suits the modern theme of ‘less is more’. Simple metal rods constitute the balustrade.

These rods are far apart from each other to give an expansive look. To give a chic look, fixing stylistic lights in the wall beside the steps of the staircase would be such a bad idea.

The diffuse glow of these light bulbs gives a sumptuous look. Moreover, exquisite and exotic types of wood should be used.

This wood can be used to make both the handrail and the staircase steps. Black rods will complement this theme to perfection.

Chrome Stair Railing Ideas

Chrome Stair Railing Ideas

Multiline railings are in vogue nowadays. They exhibit an aesthetic pattern of regularity. Moreover, they make you look affluent in front of your visitors.

This multiline interior stair railing is versatile in that it can be used in offices and homes alike. It presents a picture of grace and refinement to those who lay their eyes upon it.

Additionally, it has the advantage of not weighing too much on your pockets. Chrome steel has an edge over several other materials used for stair railings.

It makes the railing strong and stout. It is also quite durable and corrosion-resistant. Wide, tiled staircase steps are the right pick for this banister.

Neutral tones go hand-in-hand with this railing. Off-white and cream colours in particular go with this multiline railing very well. The overall image is that of grace and opulence.

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