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Start Selling on Amazon

How to Commence?

With Amazon FBA, you can start selling your items on Amazon. For both merchants and shoppers, Amazon is a popular marketplace.

It has developed its own FBA service to accommodate the rising demand from vendors. Sellers may use the platform’s massive distribution network and consumer base to realize their business dreams. This platform is also used by merchants.

Before you start Choose an Amazon Seller Plan 

There are two types of Amazon’s seller plan’s

  • Professional Seller plan
  • Individual Seller plan

Suppose you plan to sell 40 things on Amazon every month. Then a professional seller account on Amazon is the best option for you. If selling products on Amazon is a pastime for you. This strategy is quite beneficial to you.

Suppose you’re a small business owner. You only sell about 40 units. So, In this case, an individual plan is a terrific option for you.

The Professional plan is the best option if you want to sell an unlimited number of items. But the Individual plan is the best option if you are starting.

Moreover, Start Selling on Amazon needs concentration, strategy and well-planned ideas.

The Amazon Individual plan is a basic plan for individuals and small businesses. So, this is easiest way to sell on Amazon is by selling items you make yourself.

Moreover, One way to make money on Amazon is through selling products on the Amazon FBA platform (Fulfillment by Amazon).

On an individual plan. You can sell up to 50 items per month for a $0.99 commission without any monthly fees. On the other hand, the Professional plan is an advanced plan for individuals and businesses.

It costs $39.99 per month and offers unlimited items sold, with a $0.99 commission.

Varying commission rates are available depending on the product category. In fact, Selling on Amazon is a great way to earn extra income.

After that, choose the Amazon seller plan. Click on given below link to create an Amazon seller account.

10 Tips for Successful Product on Amazon

High Demand & Low Competition

You must locate a product with high or even moderate demand. What exactly does that imply? The demand for successful products on Amazon will decide how long it takes to sell.



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