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Transfer Contacts from iPhone to Android

How to Transfer Contacts from iPhone to Android Using Google Drive?

Allow to syncing your to google drive. After that, you Transfer Contacts from iPhone to Android.

  • Above all, download Google Drive on iPhone and log in. Google account on Android or iPhone must be the same.
  • Open google drive and tap on the Setting.


Transfer Contacts from iPhone to Android


  • After completing the last step tap on the backup option.

How to transfer contacts from iPhone to Android using Google Drive?


  • On the current page that opens, tap on the “Contacts” button. And tap on the “start backup” button. It takes time to backup because it depends on how many contacts you have.

Transfer Contacts from iPhone to Android

7 Reasons to Switch from Android to iPhone

Information security

The Google Play store is a common source of malware and viruses for Android phones. Apple’s App Store has fewer apps than the App Store on Android phones.

But the number of apps available isn’t the most important aspect of the App Store. Apple is very picky about which app developers get access to the so-called Apple ecosystem.

Which is a network of devices, apps, and developers. It is nearly impossible to find malware-infected apps in the App Store.

The Apple Ecosystem

The devices communicate with one another in a seamless and smooth manner. It is not necessary to download or install separate applications to interconnect.

Simply signing in to devices using the same Apple ID is sufficient. Photos, emails, notes, and calendars can all be accessed from multiple devices.

You don’t even have to pay twice for apps, movies, or books because they’re available on all of your devices.

Ease of Use

Apple phones are well-known for their usability. They have a simple operating system: all apps are launched from the home screen.

For example, all settings can be found in a single menu. Even if you upgrade your iPhone to the latest model, the operating system remains the same and is simple to use.

Get the Best Apps First

Apple is still supported by the best and highest quality app developers. The majority of apps use Apple’s App Store as their launch platform.

And they release their apps there before the Google Play Store for Android phones. This has been true for some of the most popular apps in recent years, including Super Mario Run and Snapchat.

Apple Pay

Apple Pay is Apple’s payment service that allows you to use your phone to make credit and debit card payments.

Paying works in the same way that contactless payment with a plastic card does, namely by placing the phone near the card reader.

The card is secured by Face ID, Touch ID, or the phone’s passcode, allowing you to keep your payment information secure.

Family Sharing

The Apple iPhone is an excellent choice for children, especially if the rest of the family uses Apple devices and phones.

Phone use is secure because parents can easily monitor what their children do with their phones.

Apple’s Family Sharing app simplifies family life. Up to six family members can share music, film, or app purchases, as well as photo albums, calendars, and reminders.

Because Family Sharing allows parental approval for their children’s apps, there is no risk of inappropriate or paid apps being downloaded by their children.

iPhones Hold their Value

People are constantly wanting to upgrade their phones to newer models because new smartphone models with appealing features are released on a regular basis.

When people stop using their phones and purchase a new one, they frequently want to sell their still-functional old phone for the highest possible price.

How to Switch from Android to iPhone?

You can use an iOS app is used to switch from android to iPhone photos, contacts, calendars. 



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